March 23, 2016

Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge!!

Hey everyone!!!!

Today, I thought I'd entertain you by allowing you to see me on the fritz. Let it be known, I ate the hell out of these noodles. 

But, my guts are killing me.

Anywho, Here you are!! Make sure you like and subscribe. I will be doing my best to make sure that I make a video each Wednesday along with a post. Keep on supporting me, my lovely readers.

October 23, 2015

Split Hair

Hey everyone! It's been a superbly long time since I've posted. I took a hiatus to help me catch up with college work and just work things out with myself too. I want to thank everyone who follows me and reads my blog. I know I'm not all that interesting but it means so much to me to have people who seem to like reading the silly stuff I post about if it usually isn't my love of make up and fashion. Anyway, here's some recent photos of the way I'd bleached my hair a few weeks ago.

That's right. I finally have split hair. I've always wanted to try the trend out and I really fell in love with it! 

Sadly, I did re-color all of my hair to a soft strawberry blonde color. I just felt that it would be more professional and I could possibly get a job easier this way. I do promise that I will definitely take up the Split hair again in the near future!

That's all for now, folks. I should have a new video/post up within the next few days. I'll be doing a few reviews of my favorite make up brands soon. Thanks for reading, everyone!

March 13, 2014

It's Been A Magnificently Long Month

Heeeellllllooooooo there everyone! I've been super duper busy but I hope you like the layout. I made something kinda simple to uphold me until I have more free time on my hands! I have only a few months until graduation finally happens. Even though I'm not in school I've been working at my new job. I must say I love it. It just feels really superb to be making my own money and being able to buy new things. I recently purchased some Diamond Lash items that have arrived so they will be my next blog post. I think this post might be more personal than the most of mines. I mean, I do want to blog about my make up and my gets yet at the same time I do want to be able to talk about my own feels and junk. If you don't wanna read, you may skip forward. 

It's been a busy month so far I totally have slacked off with my blog like I seem to do every so often omfg I'm so boring kill me.
All I've been doing other than working is taking care of my pets constantly and it's felt like I have no time for me! I love this job as mentioned but at the same time I want more -me- time. To do make up and dress up and what nots. I am sure it's gonna happen pretty soon though, being free and all. This whole past few months has been a tiny bit depressing and full of just bs. But hey, That's life. I lost a few things but I gained so much more and I'm grateful for that. I gained 4 wonderfully loving friends, an opportunity to move to a place I really want to be, and all that jazz. I guess this is a pretty short personal note. Anyway, I'll be posting a Review on my Diamond Lash things so do stick in for that. <3