January 16, 2014

January Gyaru Meet!!

Hello everyone!! I have to indefinitely apologize for not posting much. I was really unhappy about my profile and thinking of changing things but at the same time, I had no idea what to do other than to change it back to one of my favorite layout styles. Because, after all. The digital rainbow totally suits me. Pft. Anywho, I'll be updating that soon! Moving on.~

The Meet!

As you guessed, I met up with Jenny and Vicky! We carpooled to meet up with Danyy and Emma, which was awesome. I wish our day could have been longer but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Me, Putting on Make Up

(From Left To Right): Yumi, Jenny, Vicky

(Left To Right) : Emma, Danyy, Vicky, Jenny, Me

Gorgeous Waifu Emma

(Left To Right): Vicky, Jenny, Me

Me, Getting my nails done, huehuehue.

One of my all-time favorites. <3 Griffith tho.



I took my heels off for a bit, My feets got tired!

Our House Fried Rice

After the initial meeting and walking around Uwajimaya,And eating, We decided to go to the Bubble Tea shoppe which conveniently had all these cool little games to play. So, We played Janga. Ha! I sucked at it.

It's Photoception lol.

Emma always stylin' so hard. <3 My waifu 4 laifu.

My car. Hue. It was a Christmas present.

A really pretty part of Seattle, while we were walking.

I kinda liked my make up a lot. I just wished I'd done more with my hair lol. But I was already running late as it was.

Dem crepes doe.

These were part of a Christmas Gift from Jenny <3

Also, My favorite snacks as of late. Wasabi Nori, and Chilled water.

That's all for now~ Look out for the special collaboration I'm doing with Vicky And Jenny! It's gonna be amazing!


  1. So fun :)
    I have been reading Vicky's and Jenny's blog.. I was first wondering why they look so familiar but it's their blog :) I like your make up too and I wish my hair looked as good as yours undone :)
    Lara Lizard