September 7, 2013

[]Quick update[] California Bound

Hello my dear readers. So I noticed I hadn't really updated anything on my blog and I feel entirely lazy for not doing so!!! I really haven't had anything anything to talk about until I recently landed myself here in Los Angeles , California for my summer vacay. To be quite honest, I am boring as hell but I promise to try and become more active of a blogger even if it is only photos that I am capable of throwing up for the day. I have a bit of exciting photos to share and some upcoming reviews soon enough so please do tune in. Also, I am hoping to make a new header since I don't really like this one... Anywho, here are a few photos of what I have been doing the past day and a half!

Until later on, everyone!! I'll make sure to update more~


  1. Lovely pictures :3 I use to live in Cali for a couple of years!
    Those tacos look yummy~