October 30, 2012

I Hate Breaking In New Lashes

Alriiight, So hey there my deliciously sweet gal pals near and far.~
I know I usually take forever to update and my excuse would have to be the fact that I don't have a lot of Gyaru coordinates. Also, I cannot lie that I do occasionally get lazy. I'd like to take time to just show a few photos of what I've been doing lately, since I am just about always occupying myself with schoolwork and my husband's homecoming. I'm still uncertain of what I want to wear when he comes home! I am so unexcited about moving to WA, more of mixed feelings really. Leaving behind my friends and family to start a new life with just my husband and I. It's thrilling but frightening too. Anywho, let us look upon the dearly strange faces and snapshots of Yumi.~

Usually, the bottom style is always how my hair is worn. I really love the buns because they are just naturally nice looking since my hair's a 3C curl patturn and the curls look adorable when put up in such a style. Really, all I will probably do this time around is tease them more and probably look into buying more hair accessories than I have at the moment. 
That's all for now, gorgeous pals.

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