September 23, 2011


Q: What people do you look up to the most?
A: Well. I actually look up to regular people I know who are not super stars all over Hollywood. 
One of the many people I do really look up to is AtJap13- Atism.
A lot of people say. "Wtf? Why look up to a creep?"
Well. Duh. Because he has the best mindset I've ever seen. He doesn't give a poo what anyone has to say about him or his likes/dislikes. And to me that's what really defines people.
Also. I look up to my GAL sister Chaudie/Chaudalyn because she has been one of the biggest supporters since I started my transition. She has never steered me wrong, she's always been by my side to help me and give me amazing advice. And she included me in many decisions so I feel very honored to have her as my elder Guide.  I didn't imagine a year ago that my life would have tilted into something like this.
My Gal Transformation (One Year )
 I never thought I'd be walking around my town in Gyaru make up and cute 3D deco nails, with teased or really curled hair and stylish clothes.
One year ago I was this...
Very plain, Not much style to my hair, hardly any make up. I was a real plain Jane for a long time. Then after a while I slowly stopped being afraid of the critism I'd get from people about my looks and I dived into GAL pretty hard! 
My First time doing the make was very subtle because I wanted to mix the lovely style of a Banba and a hime just about so when I first started my make up was VERY light but I kept the nose stripe. ^^

I then took this subtle type of style for about a half a year after trying my first attempt. Here was still very bland too, I did not contour as much as I should have but I did go for occasional tans, and wear darker foundation on my face. The white concealer is still a popular part of my look. 
Then there even came this time that I made a very tiny transition to stopping the white all together and making my look very toned down for school. But it didn'twork for me, to look so plain! I hated it! D:
This was one of my best looks a lot of my friends say. Because they like the different ways I'd do my hair with curls, the way I found a small way to incorporate the white into the corners of my eyes for more of a brightening effect instead of a super large eye. I wore lighter foundation around my skin range and even blush then.
Some days I wasn't sure what to do with my hair to be honest so I'd wear the teased out bun with my favorite ribbon. -.-;
This is usually one of my well known looks. I always am seen like this, On a good day when I don't rush to get to school. Or after school. :3
This is my finalized look that I bounce between from the well known look.
Sometimes I not only do the nose stripe but I love the shimmery white around my eyes.^^ It really brings attention to my face~

Most of the days lately I've worn this style, with my regular hair instead of my extensions, and a cute little bow at the top. In this picture you can kind of see the orangish color I'm wearing with the concealer. It's a glittery Tokidoki eyeshadow. ^^
Anyway. This is it for now. :3 Thanks for reading!

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